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Basic Policy on Anti-Social Forces

We declare the following basic policy in order to prevent damages caused by groups or individuals, so-called “Anti-Social Forces, that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force and fraudulent means. 

1. We fully recognize that not being involved with anti-social forces is part of social responsibility of corporations and all our executives and employees resolutely work toward not having any relations with Anti-Social Forces. 

2. Work with specialized agencies such as police office and attorney and handle properly in an organized way in order to prevent damages caused by Anti-Social Forces. 

3. Never accept undue demands by Anti-Social Forces and resolutely deal with it according to law. 

4. Do not give benefits, funding and engage in backdoor deal with Anti-Social Forces. 

5. Legal measures will be taken from both civil and criminal aspects for unreasonable demands by Anti-Social Forces and related parties. 


 我社は、暴力、威力と詐欺的手法を駆使して経済的利益を 追求する集団又は個人(いわゆる反社会的勢力)による被害を防止するために、 次の基本方針を宣言します。 

1. 反社会的勢力の排除が企業の社会的責任の一端であることを十分に認識し、反社会的勢力との関係を一切遮断するために、 全役職員が断固たる姿勢で取り組みます。 

2. 反社会的勢力による被害を防止するために、警察・弁護士等の外部の専門機関 と厳密に連携し、組織的かつ適正に対応します。 

3. 反社会的勢力による不当要求には一切応じず、毅然として法的対応を行いま す。 

4. 反社会的勢力への利益供与、資金提供や裏取引を行いません。 

5. 反社会的勢力やその関係者による不当要求には、民事および刑事の両面から法的措置を講じます。